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Too few Infos on the Systemspecs on the Site - Anopheles - 1st March 2016

The Netrunner Main Page is visualy as nice as the Distro itself - but it lacks severely in it's main purpose:
 Presenting Information.

I know that it's modern to invest all recources in Presentation, and just forget about facts...  Dodgy

But please give at a place where the seeking will look first (!) the information about the Distro.
It shall be in a complete, comprehensible and strucktured way, and NOT SPREAD IN RANDOM PLACES OVER THE WHOLE INTERNET!

Needed Infos:
 - Complete List of delivered Applications
 - System requirements
 - Supported file systems
 - Supported graphic cards ( because Linux has notorious problems with e.g. Nvidia  Tongue )
 - ...

This List may be incomplete, so I encourage you Guys to add more alike...  Smile

Please proviede the Infos on a single Site. I know you guys love Wiki's, but that's NOT up to a wiki. Make an additional Page, for a comprehensive overview over the related data.

My motivation:
I'm getting tired to gather tiny bits of infos on wiki, distrowatch and forums, to check if this or that may work.
Netrunner is tageting unexperienced users, as well as Windows-runnaways - for obvious reasons, they won't loose intrest in this Distro if they can't inform themselves properly, or they simply get disappointed through try-and-error.

There are many, many, many ( and some more ) Distros out there, and the most of them fail at the same task.  Angry
Here you have the opportunity to step ahead by the german correctness. Seems old-fashioned, but it's still necessary and will make a positive impression.

There is no reason to hide information - or it seems that you have to hide something.
Don't try to keep the user stupid, let the user decide intead, if he wants to read that or not.

And if I sound angry, than it's because I got _really_ frustrated by searching for even the most basic specs every single time - and this is seriously damaging the appearence of Netrunner. I give this critique _because_ I like Netrunner, and want you to improve.

Thanks for your improval in advance,

RE: Too few Infos on the Systemspecs on the Site - spacepenguin - 1st March 2016

That sounds great. Additional info that should be provided in that place: The login information for the live CDs! I still haven't found it...